FLEXOSTRIP, Plastic Protective Slats – Protective Tape, Bumper

Protective PVC tape with inside aluminium strip reinforcement, used as a protective element. This product is applicable as a cart bumper or transport pallet impact protection and fixation element in the sense of top-standard protection of the transported items. The tape, in its basic length of 3 m, and rectangular cross section of 30 by 8 m, is reinforced with aluminium string with 1.5 by 20 mm cross section.

The tape can be bent manually. The tape keeps the bent shape very well. The product further shows excellent abrasion properties. Its basic version is made in blue RAL 5005 (signal blue).

Basic characteristics:

  • Outer dimensions 8 by 30 by 3000 mm
  • Very good bending properties
  • Long fie and stability
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Easy assembly and handling properties